Mecseknádasd – Ruins of the Schlossberg Church
2012. Jan. 25. A bejegyzés szerzője: Norbert Sando 2
Mecseknádasd - Ruins of the Schlossberg Church

Nádasd was first mentioned in the deed of gift from Andrew II., 1235.
The ruins are standing on the hill above the village, which were originaly a three-nave church from the 14th century. In front of the west facade a single tower was built in the same century.
After the fall of Pécs in 1543, Nádasd was captured by the Turks. The occupiers used the church as a fort. They devided it in three sections by the wall between the pillars of the main and side nave and also digged a vault under the southern nave. On the eastern side of the encircling wall a smaller tower’s ruins were found , which probably protected the gate. On the southern side of the encircling wall postholes were explored referring to a plank wall.
The ruins could be seen after the Turks’ explusion for a long time, as mentioned in the sources from the modern times.
The church’s and the fort’s ruins, the parish and the encircling wall were explored between 1973-1980.
Nowadays the late gothic church’s ruins with the marks of the turk reconstruction can be seen, the other buildings are under the ground.
Heute kann man die Ruinen der spätgotischen Kirche mit den Markierungen des Türken Rekonstruktion sehen , die anderen Gebäude sind unter der Erde.

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