Motoros siklóernyő

Paragliding is the youngest of flight branches, it’s about 20-25 years old. At the beginning air-cell parachutes were edited to carry out shuttle flights from hills. Thanks for the self-development easy-start-paragliders were manufactured, making it unfit for domes to do parachuting. In a short period paragliding separeted from its air-cell parachute roots and the paragliding sport was formed.

The modern paragliders have sophisticated aerodynamic characteristics, so they’re able to immediately raise the pilot without an engine and fly hundreds of kilometers.

There was a need to perform motorized paraglider flights. Because of their perfect flight performance only a small engine with low PS on the back of the pilot is enough to make a fully self-powered flight.

Within the motorized flight formed two solutions. One of them is the paramotor way, the other one is the trike mode.During the paramotor flight the engine is fixed on the pilot’s back for the conitnuous thrust. To take off the pilot has to run. This way of taking off requires a small territory, good physical condition and strong legs. The trike mode is much more comfortable, the pilot is sitting in a car-like device and takes off from rolling.

Paramotor paragliders are more suitable for regular aerial photography. The easy transportability and the easy to implement take off – landing make possible to start in the near of  the area just in time to make the best aerial photographs.

A paramotor paraglide can be transported in the trunk of a car. A pasture, a football field, a dyke or an empty path to take off or land. This is the only human transporting airplane, that does not need any airport or hangar. These factors are very significant cost reduction operations.

Flying with paramotor paragliders brought a minor breaktruogh in aerial photography. It’s huge advantage is to providing a lot of data about the condition of the surface, buildings, small or big agricultural areas. In this flight mode free camera recordings are made. Vertical photography can be solved without additional costs or any problems.

The low flight speed (30-50 km / h) and the small-and medium-altitude provides an excellent opportunity to present the area, building or city from different directions and the use of different lighting conditions.

During one flight with motorized paraglider a hundreds of pictures and longer videos can be taken about one object (this is the one location photography). During more location photography a 80-100 km range several hundred acres of land can be documented. Research flights, hydrographic flights, archeological sites, livestock control or geographical flights can be made.