Hydrography of the Sárköz
2010. Jul. 6. A bejegyzés szerzője: Balogh András 1
Hydrography of the Sárköz

The Sárköz is a filled plain from the pleistocene, lying east from the Danubeline and the Budapest-Drávatorok morphology fracture. The sediment of the rivers and from these derived backwaters and swamps played the main role in it’s formation.

In 2010 due to extremely wet period in the Tolna County Sárköz, the former river branches could be identified and accurately reconstruct the former hydrographic conditions. The good weather conditions were very important to document this state.

The appeared branches of the river could be identified with the branches represented on the old hydrographyc maps. The analysis and processing of the completed aerial photographs and GIS help the archaeological, ethnographic and other specialized studies.

In the pictures can be seen the archeological interesting sites, where we can search for traces of ancient settlements. This pictures matched with the hydrological analysis we get a thematic map, which can help to localize the presumed archeological sites.

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