Térinformatikai feldolgozás

Research results, constructions, surveys and documentations

The finished “raw” aerial images further enhances the full value and usability GIS processing. We full undertake the evaluation and IT processing of our aerial photographs. Upon request, we set identification points before taking pictures and also make the geo-reference the taken photographs’.

The huge industrial and other investments in our country, and their previous archeological discovers created new challenges for GIS and the closely related databases and information systems. The design, construction and sustainable operation of these systems requires complex technical kwonledge and experience. We provide a high level of assistance to you in this complex process, bearing in mind the importance of ease use and long-term sustainability of these systems.

Additional GIS activities

  • making ortho images
  • placing and documenting identification points
  • georeferencing
  • making terrain models
  • aerial photographes streched on terrain models
  • digitizing
  • GIS surveys